• A diverse group of talented humans generate strong stock specific alpha
  • Machines dispassionately implement that alpha
  • Non-value additive risks are hedged out
  • Sources of return align with sources of skill
  • Investors receive a pure, high quality alpha stream


CenterBook addresses a central challenge for asset owners: how to access mid/long-term fundamental equity alpha without factor and market exposure that often dominates returns. CenterBook reimagines the multi-manager model by partnering with established independent fund managers, capturing alpha from proprietary research data and constructing portfolios centrally and systematically.

  • We source alpha from 25+ independent fundamental equity managers (our "Partner Funds")

  • We integrate unique alpha rich research data with daily position data

  • We select and size positions and manage risk quantitatively in centrally constructed portfolios

  • We meticulously hedge non-alpha risk and increase exposure to areas of manager skill